I’m a member of the AIGTech-Team (Alpha-India-Group). The AIGTech-Team at AIG is responsible for developing software solution to support orginizing and creating AI Traffic in Flight Simulators (FSX/P3D).


The amout of project I’m working changes from time to time, some get’s released internal just for AIG-Teammembers others are in internal testing. Some are already in an early access to get user-feedback for the further developmentproess.

The biggest software-project, that will be released to the public is called AI Manager (AIM).

AI Manager

AIM will be one of the powerfullest tools for managing AI Traffic in Flight Simulators featuring:

  • Automatically Instaltion of AIG-Flightplans (incl. Repaints)
  • Error-Detection within the AI Traffic (Fltsim, BGL-Files)
  • Online-Check for updated flight plans
  • Full overview of the installed flight plans