I’m the Lead-Developer of the AIGTech-Team (Alpha-India-Group). The AIGTech-Team  is responsible for developing software solution to support orginizing and creating AI Traffic in Flight Simulators.


The amout of project I’m working changes from time to time, some get’s released internal just for AIG-Teammembers others are in internal testing. Some are already in an early access to get user-feedback for the further developmentproess.

The biggest software-project, that will be released to the public is called AI Manager (AIM).

AI Manager

AIM will be one of the powerfullest tools for managing AI Traffic in Flight Simulators featuring:

  • Automatically Instaltion of AIG-Flightplans (incl. Repaints and Model)
  • Error-Detection within the AI Traffic (Fltsim, BGL-Files)
  • Online-Check for updated flight plans
  • Full overview of the installed flight plans