Well it has been a bit quiet over here. No new Airports, no news on software updates etc… . I haven’t forgot about his site and the content but I have focused lately on the direct user support over at the AIG Forum improving AIG AI Manager. Last Weekend we have released a major update to AIM bringing custom sounds to the Addon,t his is a huge step forward for us as it rounds up the whole atmosphere while flying or spotting.

Whats Next?

Well there is plenty of things gooing on at the moment:

  • Working on AIG AI Manager Version 1.0
  • Developing a new Fileformat (AIGPLN)
  • Actual working on some Airports (ELLX and EDDH)
  • Writing some Flightplans for AIG
  • Designing some new tools for the AI Community
  • And waiting….. yes weiting for more Information regarding Microsoft Fligth Simulator

Thats for today.

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