Traffic Viewer

As shown in the last DevDiary AIM 0.9 will have a airport timetable it comes in 2 versions. One as „offline“ timetable visible in the Airport overview and the other as „online“ timetable containing the information from the BGL files merged with the live-data from Prepar3Dv4.

Manual installtion

The manual installtion from the first ever released AI Manager has been reworked and includes now features we had implemented with OCI. The UI has been updated and is now more user friendly.


Users have now the option to select specific payware models they want to use. The „freeware-only“-Option is still selectable and will override all other settings.


The UI now shows directly which cookie is valid or need to be set again.

Loading process
AI Manager 0.9 will add the functionality of collecting Sceneries and SimObjects for all Simulators (FSX-P3Dv4). Users of FSX-P3Dv3 are no longer requiered to set the SImObject-/Scenery-Paths in AIM.

Move OCI-Directory
Some users requested an option to move the OCI-Directory to a different location. This feature has been added in 0.9 and will allow the user to move the whole OCI-Addon to a new directoy without editing the files later by the user. All paths will be rewritten by AIM during the process.

Thats it for today and we hope that you will enjoy the new features when AIM 0.9 will be released as an „open“-Beta. 0.8 was for us a „closed“-Beta and an initall test of OCI. Having OCI now working without major problems on nearly all systems and getting feedback that it is far better then any other software (inlc. payware) has proven us that it is now time to get AIM and OCI to even more users around the globe.