In the AIG-Forum the new beta of AIG AI Manager has been released.


As seen in the previous Dev Diaries the main focus in this version was to add the functionality of compiling native FSX Traffic BGLs, including the new multi-week rotations. As a result all other parts of AIGAIM have been updated to support flightplans with multi-week rotations.

Downloading and Compiling of Flightplans

Besides that AIGAIM has been extendet to support downloading and installing (compiling) flightplans directly from the AIG Forum and the AIG FTP-Server.

Loading of local zip-Flightplans is also supported.

Downloading and Installing of Repaints

During the installtion-process of a flightplan AIGAIM supports the user to download the needed repaint and to install it to the simulator. After the insalltion the repaint is assigned to the flightplan.

AIFP.cfg support

AIG AI Manager will support aifp.cfg files, for downloading and installing repaints.

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