On 2nd March 2018 the Alpha India Group (AIG) has presented the first native FSX multi-week flightplan on theier forum. Tools such as TTools (FS9 only) or AIFP (FS9/FSX) do not support the multiweek-rotations. AIG Group Member Johan Nordqvist has extendet the „old“ TXT-format to support multiweek-rotations and has developed a Compiler to compile them into FSX native BGLs.

A basic tool such as TTools has been developed by AIG to support compiling multi-week rotations, is is calles AIG Traffic Tools (AIGTT). The tool can be downloaded in the AIG Forum.

AIG AI Manager (AIGAIM or AIM) will use the same compiler as AIG Traffic Tools. AIM will be the first tool to support the downloading, instalation of repaints and the comiling of FSX-native (multiweek) flightplans. The supported configuration formats for AIM are aifp.cfg and the new aig.xml (more information about AIG.XML will follow later).

The new version (0.7) of AIGAIM will be released in the next days after internal testing. It is still a beta version and work in progess.



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