since I don’t want to spam the support topic in the AIG Forum with to many previews and planed feature-lists I decided to post from time to time some development previews and other news here on my website. Please don’t ask here for support, for that use the AIG Forum.

Features for the upcomming Version 0.7

The big new and yet to the public unknown feature in Version 0.7 is already comepletly implementent and in the internal AIG testing-process. As soonn as we at AIG are happy with the results and have everything else prepared we are making an announcement in the official forum.

Besides that AIG Software has developed a new Traffic BGL compiler that has been integrated in AIM and will allow the user to install flightplans with AIM, based on the new compiler a flightplan and repaint download-/ installtion-process is being developed, allowing the user to download and install  a flightplan and all needed repaints directly from inside AIM.


A new layout for the GanttChart has been developed, it is now looking more elegant and simple.


The inital loadtime of AIM has been reduced to almost 33% compared to before.(Depending on the size and amount of AI Traffic).





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