over the last weeks I worked on a complete new structure and backend (CMS) for my website. The new layout and some parts of the content were already online for the last days. Today marks the day, the whole new site is ready and online.

So what is the idea behind this new scruture? As many of you have seen over at the AIG-Forum has mine focus on the development and contribution to the flight simulator community changed from AFDs/AFCADS more and more to Software. Because of that I wanted to expand the content of my old site with the newly software-tools. So for now I will have three big parts on my website: Airport Facility Data (AFDs/AFCADs), the Airport Object Library (AOL) and Software.

Airport Facility Data

Here you will find all my AFCADs released until today and released in the future. Till today all my AFCADs were for FSX and not tested in P3D. From today all my projects will be P3Dv4 native, meens that they will support the latest features of P3Dv4.

Airport Object Library

More or less just a small site with basic information about the Object Library I use in my projects. The library will be updated to P3Dv4 with the first release of an P3Dv4 AFD.


The new category on this website. For now all my projects are developed and released under the Alpha-India-Group (AIG) banner. You will find them in the official forum. I will use my website to present already released tools and to publish dev-diaries on my current projects.






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